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Jonathan H @vacuumdiagram

Started running Jan2012 and really got into it, with my 1st Half Marathon done October2012-and really enjoyed it too! Completed Tough Mudder London South 09/06/2013, highly recommend doing one to anyone! Got my first half marathon 13/07/14 in Tenby-The Wales Marathon. Haven't been to Tenby for years, looking forward to it!

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Jonathan H

Contributorgold Jonathan H Night time runs across the sand, climbing over groynes, and jumping over the footprints and grooves of the days use, are one of the best ways to get some stress out. :-)

Also, I just got an email that my nomination for TS in the Mens Clothing Category of the Running Awards has been accepted. Gentlemen, go here to vote:
Ladies, to add a nomination for TS for Womens Clothing, or Womens Bra, go here: or here:

Get voting pps! :-)

Kevin G encouraged this.


What's occurring? I'm off to have a look see.


Someone had beaten me too it but I, of course, have voted TS :-D

Jonathan H encouraged this.

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Amanda C Jonathan H

Contributorgold Amanda C @vacuumdiagram I was wondering with your travel blank on foot challenges do they have to be all at once? I was wonderful because I was going to do it thought was though I've already done over a little bit of half of it this morning and planned on doing the other half this evening! Let me know! :-)))

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