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Vaunette C @vaunette

2014 has been pretty incredible in the athletic department. So far I've ran four marathons, one of which was the Boston Marathon and I have one more in October bringing my total to five. That is pretty crazy considering I ran my first marathon ever last year. I've ran several other races this year too, with more still to come. The next big event, for me anyway, is to participate in a sprint triathlon which is coming up in October. The swimming portion will definitely be the most difficult portion of the race. Cycling and playing tennis are weekly activities as well but I need to come up with more items to put on my bucket list; suggestions are always welcome. ~You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.~

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Vaunette C Exercise Rep Madness - BOYS VS. GIRLS - 20,000 Reps Each Challenge

Contributorgold Vaunette C +100 bench dips, 50 JJ's, 500 crunches, 35 lunges, 100 Russian twists, 100 squats, 30 bicep curls, 1:30 min plank
Bench dips: 1,260/20,000
jumping jacks: 3,375/20,000
crunches: 5,920/20,000
pushups: 2,836/20,000
russian twist: 1145/20,000
mountain climbers: 1,809/20,000
squats: 3,048/20,000
bicep/hammer curl: 1030/20,000
km distance: 242.15km/20,000 km
timed exercise: 242/720 minutes
Bench Dips (Any) : 0/20,000
Jumping Jacks: 1390/20,000
Crunches (Any) : 2045/20,000
Push-ups (Any) : 2758/20,000
Lunges( Any/both legs=1 rep) : 200/20,000
Russian Twist(left/right=1 rep) : 370/20,000
Mountain Climbers(both legs=1 rep): 450/20,000
Squats (Any): 925/20,000
Bicep/Hammer Curl : 301/20,000
KM Distance(20,000 km) : 85.56/20,000
Timed Exercises-Any kind(12 hours):77:30/720 Minutes

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