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Lindy S @violachick

Many years ago did the Windsor Half Marathon and Great South Run 3 times, played netball and badminton. Want to stop middle age spread and jog for fitness and fun. Always loved dance - adore flamenco, zumba.

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AROUND THE WORLD IN 365 DAYS PT II (HOW MANY TIMES) Challenge Hit the dance floor at your next party or event  Challenge Walk your shopping complex Challenge Tighten Tummy Tuesday Challenge
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Lindy S Lucas M

Contributorsilver Lindy S Cripes! You've completed over 1000 challenges! Awesome!


Nope. I've taken over 1200 challenges. I've completed 636 by now. I'm working on it though... :-)

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Well 636 is flippin' impressive anyway! :)


Thank you. I will say I've sped up on my challenge completion the last two months. Last month I completed 190 challenges. This month I have 146 already and several more set to complete by the end of the month. I'll probably end the month with something like 170 for the month. A lot of it is due to falling behind on my "Do x amount of exercise y in the month" challenges. Then I find a bunch of the smaller challenges for that exercise and get them done to catch up. That way completing them helps me complete others. Fun and effective.

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