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Lindy S @violachick

Many years ago did the Windsor Half Marathon and Great South Run 3 times, played netball and badminton. Want to stop middle age spread and jog for fitness and fun. Always loved dance - adore flamenco, zumba.

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Lindy S

Contributorsilver Lindy S Got myself a bike! It gives me another option to get active - it needs a bit of TLC and a service before I can ride though. Looking forward to it.

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Lindy S
I was expecting the second time out to be really tough as it usually is when I start out again, but today I felt really good and reached my markers and ran on past them before I realised! Maybe it will hit next time.

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Lindy S Exercise Psychology Tribe

I totally understand what you're saying - I find the gym a very intimidating place.  It does feel like people are judging you - checking how much weight you have on the machines, eyeing you as you 'power walk' on the treadmill instead of running,...

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