Red cabbage smoothie

March 27, 2017

Red cabbage smoothie

One of the many current health fads is green smoothies. These are a great way to wolf down some veggies without having to taste them. This is particularly helpful if like me you discovered that despite reaching adulthood and despite what your parents told you as a child, you still don’t like the taste of most vegetables.

Naturally you may be sceptical about the idea that it is possible to receive all the health benefits vegetables have to offer without enduring the taste as payment. I was as well until I tried a green smoothie - make sure you check out our blog on these if you haven’t already! After trying a green smoothie I can confirm that such a feat is possible. Like green smoothies this red cabbage smoothie is much the same: it’s a vegetable smoothie with other fruits mixed in to mask the taste of the cabbage. The only difference is it’s red.

So why red cabbage?

The first thing you might notice when looking at a red cabbage is its intense purpleness. I don’t understand that one either. Anyhow, this is a result of all the antioxidants, in particular Vitamin C and A, which are crammed into this vegetable. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your body, which can cause cell damage and make you more prone to serious diseases. Vitamin C and A can help to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, bone loss, strokes, heart attacks and kidney stones.

Red cabbage is also chock-full fill of iron and manganese. Importantly for runners Iron is vital for the supply of oxygen required for the contraction of muscles. An Iron deficiency can cause muscle weakness. Manganese is also important for runners as it is vital for the growth of strong bones and the prevention of a number of bone-related problems.

Ingredients (serves)

  • ¼headred cabbage
  • 200 grams frozen mixed berries
  • 200 grams 0% fat plain Greek yogurt
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 150ml cranberry juice
  • 150ml water