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Get lean with the right tools

Want to get lean? It doesn’t happen overnight - real, long-term lifestyle choices are crucial to becoming and staying lean. Marc Perry, founder of BuiltLean, has provided the Lean Tool Box - the 5 key elements of achieving a lean body: 1) Strength Training Primary Purpose => Keep Muscle, Lose Only Fat What Is Strength Training? Strength training involves lifting weights including anything from barbells, dumbbells, or kettle-bells to using bodyweight and resistance bands. What Are The Benefits? Strength training should be the foundation of your exercise program to maximize fat loss for two major reasons: Strength training helps you maintain your muscle mass If you eat less than you burn and don’t exercise, your metabolism will drop and you...

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The Jinglebells Workout

Barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells - which bells will you be jingling in your workout today?! Check out this awesome training session straight from Strength & Conditioning Coach, Joe Bauer, who has put together this tough workout for the festive season:   About the workout  This is a workout that will give you exactly what you put into it. And like any other workout, you must keep form as your top priority at all times. With the proper form you will gain strength, endurance, and increased confidence from this workout.  How to properly execute the workout You will want to make sure you have warmed up completely before starting this workout (see below for my warmup). Once warm, and with the...

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Marathon Endurance: All in the long run?

CrossFit Endurance and Strength & Conditioning Coach Stretch Rayner is here to address one of the cornerstone principles of marathon training: The Long Run. Marathon running is a physiological and a psychological challenge for athletes of all abilities. The cornerstone of marathon training is the long slow distance (LSD) running session and volume-based periodisation. The late Arthur Lydiard's high mileage training protocol produced a number of marathon champions in the 1960’s. Ever since, the sport has been fixated on high mileage training.  There is no arguing that LSD volume training can produce results at all levels. It is, however, not the only way to train for an endurance event. WHAT IS ENDURANCE? There are two fundamentally different kinds of endurance - muscular...

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How to run with proper form

Running is one of the most natural things a human being can do. If you want to start doing it you might think that all you would need is a decent pair of shoes and some determination. However over the past 40 years or so the way many people run has changed. This has lead to a rise in running related injuries and causes a lot of people to give up before they have even really begun. So before you head outside take a look at these golden rules of running so you get off on the right foot. Human beings are built to move in a very specific way and for many of us this comes naturally. However when...

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