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Endurance Sport: The Ultimate Business Playground?

There’s nothing new about high-achieving sports people accepting invitations from the world of business to talk about their experience and ‘how they dun it.’ Assuming the speaker can connect with his/her audience then the ‘wow’ factor can indeed be high and it can be a moving and inspirational experience for many in the room with some powerful lessons to take away. And for many people that’s enough. Except there are others who want to go that step further - harness those lessons to change attitude and behaviour in order to positively affect hard measures like personal and team productivity and make those changes stick. I think it’s endurance sport in particular which is a particularly suitable teacher and most relevant playground...

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Alone In Antarctica: how to overcome the alone-ness of a big challenge

When was the last time you were alone? Before you answer I need to clarify - by ‘alone’, I don’t mean simply ‘by yourself’ when there might be someone in the next room, or in a building across the street. I mean the last time you were somewhere without any sign of another human being. It’s amazing how many people, when they think about it, realise that they have never, in their whole lives, been truly alone. For many sports people, however, it is a little different. Their discipline might involve regular solitary experiences – running back-country trails, hiking in the hills, climbing routes in wilderness locations – but equally any competitive sport can also be very isolating. After all,...

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Are you built for running?

If you’re just starting out as a runner or maybe you’ve just finished your very first parkun you probably found it quite hard. In fact you may well be fighting that little devil on your shoulder that’s telling you to give up or that you’re not built for running at all. Well we are all built for running. In fact human beings are arguably the finest long distance runners on the planet. However due to many different factors (living a more sedentary lifestyle, running incorrectly, eating a poor diet) many of us have simply become de-conditioned. We have forgotten how to run. Whether you are considering taking up running more seriously, or are already a seasoned runner; learning how to run correctly...

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Tips for your first Triathlon event

The image of hundreds of triathletes piling into the water in a frenzy of splashing at the start of a race is one we are all familiar with. If you are new to racing, this can be a very daunting prospect, but don’t be put off. Follow our guide to get yourself standing on that start line feeling confident and raring to go. Irrespective of distance, triathlons fall into two main categories, those with a swim in a pool, and those in open water.  The change in dynamics of the event because of this small detail should not be over looked.  Those who haven’t done an open water, mass start, BIG triathlon may be wondering what the difference is? Well, here...

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