Breathing Tips for Runners

January 07, 2016 3 Comments

One of the first complaints you experience as a beginning runner is shortness of breath. It’s as though your lungs just can’t keep up with your feet and your heart is pumping like crazy, trying to maintain the pace. And that is when you start thinking you just may not be cut out to be a runner. But with a little bit of coaching, you can develop your lungs and heart into running machines—and finally set your inner runner free.

Don't hold your breath



3 Responses

Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson

September 02, 2017

Thank you that was very helpful because I just started cross country.

Jeanette  Bushman
Jeanette Bushman

August 23, 2017

,Just started working out need to lose belly weight

Anna Childs
Anna Childs

May 30, 2016

Hi iam interested in running and leaning how to control my breathing . a couple of year ago i broken my ankle so now if dicontent://media/external/file/to run again iam hope that run normal.

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