Tribesports Bibbits - Magnetic Race Bib Holders

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  • An Innovative alternative to safety pins

    Tribesports Bibbits are the simple, non-destructive alternative to safety pins, made with magnets that lock together to hold your race number in place throughout the race without hurting your running kit.

    No more pins. No more pricked fingers. No more holes. No more damaged sportwear.

    Why we made them?

    Let's be honest, the standard issue safety pins are always an annoyance. Between the risk of sticking yourself during the last minute adjustments, snagging expensive technical running gear, or forgetting about the pins and leaving rust stains when your kit comes out of the washing machine, we thought a better, safer and easier alternative could be found. That's why we brought Tribesports Bibbits to market.

    Eight magnets hold the four corners of the race/event bibs easily in place, one magnet inside the clothing and one magnet outside on each corner. With Tribesports Bibbits, damage to your clothing is no longer an issue.


    Tribesports Bibbits are made from nickel-plated neodymium magnets. With a strength of 1,1 kg per magnet, they create an extremely strong, hard-to-break bond.