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Tribesports Bibbits are the simple, non-destructive alternative to safety pins, made with magnets that lock together to hold your race number in place throughout the race without hurting your running kit.

No more pins. No more pricked fingers. No more holes. No more damaged sportwear.


Let's be honest, the standard issue safety pins are always an annoyance. Between the risk of sticking yourself during the last minute adjustments, snagging expensive technical running gear, or forgetting about the pins and leaving rust stains when your kit comes out of the washing machine, we thought a better, safer and easier alternative could be found. That's why we brought Tribesports Bibbits to market.

Eight magnets hold the four corners of the race/event bibs easily in place, one magnet inside the clothing and one magnet outside on each corner. With Tribesports Bibbits, damage to your clothing is no longer an issue.


Putting Tribesports Bibbits on is quick and easy! Plus, you can slide the Tribesports Bibbits around or hold one in place and move your number underneath it for perfect placement. Try that with a safety pin!


1. Hold the bib number together with the outer half of a Tribesports magnet on one of the upper corners (ca. 2-3cm from the edge).

2. Then fix it with the inner half of the magnet under your shirt. Now check that the bib number is correctly positioned (10cm from the bottom of your running clothing).

3. Try to keep the shirt flat while applying the 2nd magnet to the remaining upper corner.

4. If necessary adjust the position now, by holding the shirt and pulling the bib number into place.

5. To make the start number lie flat, hold it at a corner, pull the shirt fabric inwards, then carefully push the magnets outwards again while holding the number in the middle. To push the magnets back towards the middle, lift the number at the corner.

6. Now attach the other two magnets.


Are Tribesports Bibbits strong enough?

Tribesports Bibbits have small, but very strong magnets that will hold your race number perfectly in place. Even during long lasting tests with very strong winds, the race numbers didn’t move.

Do tribesports bibbits irritate?

The back part of the Tribesports Bibbits is specially designed to avoid chafing and irritation. When used properly, the chances of chafing are very low.

what are the tribesports bibbits specifications?

Tribesports Bibbits consist of two parts. The front part is rectangle shaped, dimensions are 2x1 cm and it weighs only 3 grams. The back part is round shaped (for extra comfort), 1,5 cm wide and weighs just 2 grams. A complete set of 4 Tribesports Bibbits weighs around 20 grams.

what kind of magnets are being used?

We use so called nickel-plated neodymium magnets. These have a strength of 1,1 kg per magnet and have off course a North and South pole.

will they interfere with the timing chip?

Tests have not shown any negative influence on the working of timing tags, as long as you don’t put the Tribesports Bibbits directly on the actual chip (the very tiny spot in the middle of the antenna). In normal situations, this will never occur as Tribesports Bibbits are only used on the outer corners.

what about my heart rate monitor?

Tests have not shown that Tribesports Bibbits have an influence on the working of a heart rate monitor as long as the magnets are not directly placed on the sensor. Normal use of Tribesports Bibbits will therefore be no problem, but we advise to test it for yourself before you start running.


Tribesports race number magnets are not toys. Never, ever swallow them and keep out of reach of children! If you have any medical device that may be affected by magnets, consult with your doctor before using the product. Keep them separated from any electronics or storage media (e.g. cell phones, computers, hard drives, credit cards, security badges, keys) that may be affected by magnets.

Tribesports race number magnets can be knocked off if not used properly. We do not recommend using Tribesports Bibbits for obstacle events/races or any race which requires participants to swim, crawl or have any physical contact with their race number.


Tribesports Bibbits are made from nickel-plated neodymium magnets. With a strength of 1,1 kg per magnet, they create an extremely strong, hard-to-break bond.

20 x 15 mm


Lightweight and rounded corners

PAUL D. Verified Buyer

Tribesports Bibbits

Easy to use. Keep bib in place in windy conditions. No problems. Far better than using safety pins.

RACHAEL G. Verified Buyer

So much better than pins!

Didn't even notice they were there throughout marathon and saved putting holes in favourite top. Definitely recommend

GREGG B. Verified Buyer

Bibbits race number magnets

I like these. Small, tactile, strong magnets. Stay in place and dont move or slide. No more holes in my tshirts.

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