FuelBelt Helium H20 4 Bottle Hydration Belt


The Helium Fuel Belt 4 × 220ml Bottle gives you easy hydration thanks to four waist mounted low profile 220ml bottles held in place by a comfortable adjustable belt.

  • 4 x 210 ml BPA-Free Bottles
  • Helium Big Grip moulded-holsters
  • A removable zippered pocket adds storage for small items
  • Sizes: Small (27"-29"), Medium (30"-32"), Large (33"-35"), X-Large (36"-38")

Purpose-built for incredible comfort on the longest, toughest courses

Top-of-the-line-belt from the company that started it all, the Helium 4 Bottle is the perfect companion for your long running sessions. This lightweight waistpack will stay securely in place as you run and easy squeeze 4x 210ml water bottles keeping you hydrated and comfortable.



Super lightweight, comfortable, and water repellent. Specially designed air channels increase breathability and performance in warm conditions, keeping you cool under pressure.


Take your essentials when you need it. Whether it's your smart phone, nutrition, or money, this zippered pocket has got you covered. Features an internal zippered pocket to keep items separated and secure.

Four BPA-Free Bottles

Leakproof and dishwasher safe.

4 x 7oz (210ml) = 28oz capacity

Soft, silicone push-pull bottle caps

For bursts of fluid on-the-go. Ensures ease of use and is especially leak-proof.


Velcro never felt so good. Our hook and loop is the first of it’s kind and your fingers will thank you after a long workout. One touch and you’ll agree that smooth is where it’s at. Nothing else compares.

Helium Big Grip molded-holsters

Allow easy, one-handed access to hydration with improved bottle control while running

One size fits all adjustable waistband

For a customized fit and distributes the weight evenly

Take your race to the podium with the FuelBelt Helium H2O 4-Bottle Hydration Belt

Carrying four 210ml ergonomic bottles for hydration, the FuelBelt Helium 4-Bottle Belt uses lightweight Helium Hex-Foam padding for maximum comfort and breathability on the run. The bottles use a soft silicone push-pull nozzle and are held by Big Grip molded holsters that offer easy one-handed access to fluids. A removable pocket holds essentials and nutrition on a waistband that fastens securely to your waist using a smooth, soft touch velcro closure.

Always worn by the best

FuelBelt has been dedicated to supporting athletes who continue to push the limits within the run and triathlon channels. Three times Ironman World Champion, Craig Alexander, has worked closely with FuelBelt over recent years to ensure that the product line covers the needs of every athlete.

FuelBelt is a company well known among runners and triathletes and continues to be at the forefront of high end performance hydration accessories. FuelBelt were the first company to introduce the multi-bottle belt and low profile handhelds which are today used by recreational and competitive athletes alike.

Materials: Elastic / Thermofoam.

Sizing: The velcro fitting and four sizes make it one of the most confortable way to carry drinks. Adjustable waistband allows you to customize your fit.

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