FuelBelt Helium Sprint

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The 300mL ergonomic Helium Sprint is a lightweight handheld bottle featuring a durable handstrap collar, knockout window for enhanced adjustablity, velcro to keep handstraps secure, padded handstrap for maximum comfort, and soft silicone P2 push-pull bottle cap.

  • 1 x 300mL BPA-Free ergonomic bottle
  • Padded handstrap for maximum comfort
  • Soft, silicone push-pull bottle cap
  • One Size Fits All

Take convenient hydration to the next level

With a feather-light strap and ergonomic BPA-free bottle, the Helium Sprint Palm Holder from FuelBelt is ready to help you run long distances. The Sprint comes in four awesome colors and features a 300mL bottle with P2 Push-Pull caps for one-handed bursts of fluid on-the-fly and a padded, adjustable handstrap for ultimate comfort when clocking in the miles. The thirst-busting FuelBelt Helium Sprint is the coolest handheld running bottle on the planet!


Shock Collar

Features a super low-profile collar that sits under the cap and attaches to the feather light handstrap. This durable collar provides a secure and reliable fit every time, while reducing the overall weight.

Knockout window

Enhances adjustability, fit and comfort.

1 BPA-Free Ergonomic Bottle

This bottle fits perfectly in your hand, in a natural and forgiving way.

Ounce markers let you know how much fluid is left.

Leakproof and dishwasher safe.

Intuitive adjustment system

For a superb fit ensuring ultimate comfort and overall performance

Padded handstrap and velcro attachment

Keeps handstrap secure and provides maximum comfort.

Soft, silicone push-pull bottle caps

For bursts of fluid on-the-go. Ensures ease of use and is especially leak-proof.

Durable plastic handstrap collar

For long-life and years of service.

Ideal for shorter runs or bridging aid stations

The lightweight FuelBelt Helium Sprint Palm Holder carries 300mL of fluids to keep you hydrated via a single ergonomic bottle that comfortably fits the shape of your hand. A padded, adjustable hand strap with a low-profile collar provides a secure fit while reducing overall weight. The bottle is soft enough to comfortably squeeze yet firm enough to retain its shape for continuous use.

Always worn by the best

FuelBelt has been dedicated to supporting athletes who continue to push the limits within the run and triathlon channels. Three times Ironman World Champion, Craig Alexander, has worked closely with FuelBelt over recent years to ensure that the product line covers the needs of every athlete.

FuelBelt is a company well known among runners and triathletes and continues to be at the forefront of high end performance hydration accessories. FuelBelt were the first company to introduce the multi-bottle belt and low profile handhelds which are today used by recreational and competitive athletes alike.

Material: Soft plastic

Sizing: One Size Fits All

Liquid capacity: 300mL (10 fluid ounces)

Weight 2.3 ounces

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