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Million Mile Light is a lightweight, ultra bright safety light for runners that’s powered by motion. Clip it on and run. It creates a pulse of light with every stride visible from over 200m. Weather proof for all seasons, it never needs batteries and it never needs charging because it's powered by you.

  • 1 x Million Mile Light
  • 30 Lum intensity with 200m visibility
  • Lightweight and weatherproof
  • only 44g Battery free - always ready, never runs out

Ultra bright safety light engineered to never give up

The Million Mile Light combines two popular technologies – lightweight, efficient LED lights and portable kinetic energy generation – into a gadget purpose-built to keep you safe when you're running at night.

Light up your run

Special lenses concentrate the light to be as bright as possible, each fanning 30 lum of light out at 120 degrees, so you can be clearly seen from over two hundred meters.

Each Million Mile Light is designed to make you be seen in the dark. Wearing two or more lights gives the runner total illumination.


Million Mile Light Ultra bright

Ultra bright

30 Lum

Million Mile Light High Endurance

High Endurance

100,000 hours

Million Mile Light Weather Resistant


Sealed for all weather, it won't let you down

Million Mile Light Manufacturer's warranty

5-year manufacturer's warranty

but it's designed to last many more

Million Mile Light Featherweight


No bigger than a pack of gum and only 1.3 oz (36 g) in weight

Million Mile Light High visibility

High visibility

The safety light flashes to keep you visible from distances up to 656 ft (200m)

Million Mile Light Wearable


Clip on and run

Million Mile Light Battery free

Battery free

Doesn't need batteries or charging because it's powered by you. No more #powernoia

Turn strides into light

Runners have plenty of options for lighting, from simple purpose-built runners' lights, to LED running shoes or belts and beyond. Typically these lights are powered by batteries, which can leave you in the dark. The all-new Million Mile Light makes YOU the battery, keeping the light flashing so long as you're running.

The light blinks with each step you take. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a five-minute mile or taking a leisurely stroll through the park — as long as you’re moving, the light is working.


Million Mile Light no batteries

The Million Mile Light doesn't have an internal battery, instead converting the motion of your running into the electricity: a tiny, silent, kinetic engine powers four ultra-bright LEDs, which blink with every step you take.

Just clip it on and run

Million Mile Light just clip and run

Simply strap the 1.3 oz (36 g) light on with the included waistband or a wrist strap, ankle strap, etc. and start running. The safety light flashes to keep you visible from distances up to 656 ft (200m). It is designed to burn for 100,000 hours.

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