Have a question? No worries!

Our customer service team are always ready to help out. We've put together some FAQs below in order to answer your query as quickly as possible.

You can contact us on hello@tribesports.com with any questions.

You can find detailed delivery information here, and returns information here.

What size am I?

You can find size guide information here as well as detailed information specific to each product on each product page, next to the size selector called "What size am I?"

A product and size I want is out of stock - will you get more in?

Yes! We have a seasonless approach to sportswear - if we're out of stock, pretty much every product that we sell will be available again.We try and keep all items in stock, but due to popular demand, this is not always possible.

If the product is out of stock, you enter your email on that product page, and we will send you a notification as soon as the product comes back into stock. (Note: We will not use your email address for anything other than stock notifications.)

There may be a reasonable length lead time on new stock coming into stock. You may wish to choose an alternative product from the range in the meantime. 

I have store credit or a gift voucher, but the code isn't working at checkout?

You've for some store credit, or a gift voucher - lucky you! If you are having problems redeeming vouchers or store credit, then first off check you're adding it to the payments page of checkout and not into the discount code/vouchers box in the basket. If you've still got problems - please contact us on sales@tribesports.com and we'll look to resolve it for you straight away. 

I have a Tribesports community account, my login isn't working for the shop?

Your community account is not linked to the shop account, therefore you need to create a new one to use the shop, or of course checkout as a guest if you prefer.

Where do you manufacture your products and are they made through ethical production?

We ensure that our supply chain is ethical and we care as much as you do about where your clothing comes from - cutting corners on production is unethical and will also result in sportswear that does not meet our high specifications for performance sportswear. It's a lose lose for absolutely everyone and not something Tribesports would want to be involved with.

We're working with one of the world’s leading sportswear manufacturers with subsidiaries across South East Asia  - they are accredited for their fair pay and conditions by the big brands that use them – their factories around the world get audited regularly. A Director of Tribesports has visited the factories, and in addition, Tribesports also hired an international inspection company to conduct social compliance auditing, which includes employee salary assessment, working condition assessment, employee and employer relationship assessment, health and safety awareness assessment. The results were excellent and comply with local labour regulations, which prompted us to work with them.

Our fabric mills are both certified by Oeko Tex and Bluesign which means they produce our fabric through the most environmentally friendly methods, the material is also safe for the workers and the end customers.

In short, we put a great deal of care and thought into all of our supply chain decisions. It's really important to us. When you pull on your Tribesports kit, you can be proud that you're sporting an ethical product and that you have bought from a brand that cares as much as you do.