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    Red cabbage smoothie

    Posted on
    One of the many current health fads is green smoothies. These are a great way to wolf down some veggies without having to taste them. This is particularly helpful if like me you discovered that despite reaching adulthood and despite what your parents told you as a child, you still don’t like the taste of most vegetables.

    Post-run recovery pizza!

    Posted on

    You’ve been for a long, hard run. You’ve wolfed down your immediate high carb, high protein post run snack but now it’s dinnertime and you’re craving a reward for the day’s exertion. The standard grilled salmon, brown rice and asparagus is just not going to cut it. Payment is required for your efforts.

    Orange flaxseed smoothie!

    Posted on

    Once again the Tribe blender is back in action whipping up another succulent smoothie packed full of healthy goodness.

    This week we’re all about ground flaxseed; the ancient seed that is brimming with omega 3s and other health promoting benefits.

    Energy balls!

    Posted on


    It’s 3pm and the packet of biscuits in the office is giving you the eye. It’s been a long day, you’ve worked hard, but dinner is still a far off dream on the horizon.  You start to convince yourself that you deserve a biscuit. ‘I’ve been at work all day, I had a healthy breakfast and lunch and went for a run this morning’.

    This is what the biscuits want you to think. But don’t let those crumby little biscuits ruin your healthy day.

    Could you be part of our Tribe?

    Posted on 2 comments
    We’re handpicking brand ambassadors; weekend warriors, all weather adventurers and thrill-seeking explorers who have running in their soles.

    My adventure back to running. Chapter 1.

    Posted on


    Almost a year after baby number three I’ve managed to plod my way back to 5 miles, but not as often as I’d like.  My pace and general enthusiasm have taken a beating and where I’d once find it easy to motivate myself to run in the dark at night, right now I’m choosing a warm house (and an early night) over a night-time run.

    Blueberry and peach breakfast smoothie

    Posted on

    For many people the idea of eating a solid breakfast first thing can be very unappealing. If the act of relinquishing your duvet covers hasn’t already ruined your morning that bowl of nondescript Bran Flakes certainly won’t help.

    Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    Posted on

    Every morning it’s the same mundane bowl of cereal or porridge. The thought of getting out of bed just to force down your 756th consecutive bowl of nondescript cornflakes makes you start to think, ‘surely there must be more to life?’ Well good news! There is and it comes in the form of these 4 protein-packed breakfasts.

    Green smoothies!

    Posted on
    If you don’t know why spinach is such a fantastic food then clearly you’ve never watched Popeye. But if a children’s cartoon isn’t evidence enough of spinach’s rightful superfood status and you require facts to be convinced, well here they are…

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - is it right for you?

    Posted on

    When you want to get in shape, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right training program. An excellent workout program is HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training.

    Protein Pancakes

    Posted on

    Pancake day is just around the corner but you’re approaching it with a little trepidation. The excitement of launching a full frontal assault against a fat stack of pancakes is being slightly dampened by the knowledge that in the immediate aftermath of the feeding frenzy you’ll be suddenly overcome by a feeling of utter self-disgust due to the fifteen pancakes that you’ve just consumed. Or maybe that’s just me…!

    Top tips for training for the marathon

    Posted on

    Jason Fitzgerald is a 2:39 marathoner and a USATF-certified coach at Strength Running. Here he gives us his top 3 tips for training for a marathon.

    A beginners guide to meal prepping

    Posted on

    Prepping a week’s worth of meals in advance is much healthier and far less expensive than purchasing the classic high sodium content meal deal offered by the local supermarket everyday.

    Or, if you do make your own lunch everyday, prepping all of your lunches in two hours on a Sunday frees up the valuable spare time you have during the week.

    Baby it’s still cold outside…

    Posted on
    The scenery can be incredibly inspiring at this time of year, even if the climate seems against you. We’ve spoken to some of our Tribe to compile three top tips for training in colder climes…

    Layering 101: How to Build a Winter Wardrobe

    Posted on

    So, winter is finally on the way with a downfall of snow predicted over the next couple of days and a driving Siberian wind that will dramatically reduce the temperature.

    Layering is critical in this weather if you want to stay warm – here’s our quick reference guide on how to layer and what to layer…


    Behind the scenes of our first campaign shoot for Tribe Elite - day one

    Posted on
    Selecting the right location to photograph our first premium collection, Tribe Elite, was a challenge; we needed a landscape that would capture the collection’s spirit of adventure, discovery and exploration whilst showcasing the refined aesthetic that makes this technical range so appealing.

    Are you built for running?

    Posted on
    are you built for running

    Well we are all built for running. In fact human beings are arguably the finest long distance runners on the planet. However due to many different factors (living a more sedentary lifestyle, running incorrectly, eating a poor diet) many of us have simply become de-conditioned. We have forgotten how to run.

    5 Tips For Adopting a Regular Running Routine

    Posted on 2 comments
    5 Tips For Adopting a Regular Running Routine

    Seasoned runners make it look easy, but the truth of the matter is that starting a running routine is hard work. Beginner runners have a lot of distance to cover until their new endeavour becomes habitual. In the miles between, it takes persistence, dedication and a little bit of strain to push through the growing pains of establishing yourself as a runner.

    Top tips for first-time runners

    Posted on 1 comment
    tips for first time runners

    Top tips for first-time runners

    Tips for your first Triathlon event

    Posted on 1 comment
    Triathlon entering the water

    The image of hundreds of triathletes piling into the water in a frenzy of splashing at the start of a race is one we are all familiar with. Follow our guide to get yourself standing on that start line feeling confident and raring to go.

    Reasons why you should warm up and cool down with yoga

    Posted on
    warm up and cool down with yoga

    Why you should warm up and cool down with yoga

    How to run with proper form

    Posted on
    how to run with proper form

    How to run with proper form

    Marathon Running: Final Tips for Success

    Posted on
    marathon running tips

    If you're in the final stages of preparation for your first half-marathon or full-marathon then here are some great tips from Tribesports to make your race day a success!

    Alone In Antarctica: how to overcome the alone-ness of a big challenge

    Posted on

    When was the last time you were alone?

    Before you answer I need to clarify - by ‘alone’, I don’t mean simply ‘by yourself’when there might be someone in the next room, or in a building across the street. I mean the last time you were somewhere without any sign of another human being. It’s amazing how many people, when they think about it, realise that they have never, in their whole lives, been...

    Strength & Stability Workout: Perfect for Cyclists

    Posted on
    Cycling Strength Workout

    We teamed up with blogger and Personal Trainer, Mollie, to put together a workout which will improve your strength and stability.

    Marathon Endurance: All in the long run?

    Posted on
    marathon endurance

    CrossFit Endurance and Strength & Conditioning Coach Stretch Rayner is here to address one of the cornerstone principles of marathon training: The Long Run.

    Get lean with the right tools

    Posted on
    toolbox tribesports lean

    Want to get lean? It doesn’t happen overnight - real, long-term lifestyle choices are crucial to becoming and staying lean.

    How Effective Are Bodyweight Squats?

    Posted on
    bodyweight squats

    I use bodyweight squats every single day. Training days, rest days, during warm-ups, as part of metabolic conditioning circuits…I use them all the time!

    Advanced Calisthenic Workout from Al Kavadlo

    Posted on
    Al Kavadlo advanced body weight calisthenics circuit

    This is the final Challenge in Al Kavadlo's body weight workout series - it's also the toughest!

    5 Benefits of Sandbag Training

    Posted on
    sandbag training

    A staple training tool for the military, martial artists and strongmen (and women), the sandbag has long been recognised as a serious tool for elite performance.

    A thousand positive Tribesports reviews!

    Posted on 2 comments
    yotpo 1000 reviews We just received our 1000th review today and couldn’t be prouder: with an average of 4.9 out of 5, most of our customers love and praise the running kit they received.

    Endurance Sport: The Ultimate Business Playground?

    Posted on
    Endurance Sport: The Ultimate Business Playground?

    Endurance sport is a particularly suitable teacher and most relevant playground where the formative lessons are there to be learned - if we have the wit to pay attention.

    The Jinglebells Workout

    Posted on
    jinglebells workout

    Barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells - which bells will you be jingling in your workout today?!

    Staying Motivated & Beating The Gym Fatigue

    Posted on
    Gym Fatigue

    Even with the best intentions in the world, it can be very easy to lose the motivation to exercise in the winter months. With the shorter days and lack of sunlight can come fatigue, lack of energy and lethargy. But you know that exercise makes you feel good, it produces endorphins which give you that post‐ gym high. So what can you do to break this cycle, and motivate yourself not only to take your gym kit to work, but to use it too?!

    The H.I.I.T Man Workout

    Posted on

    Brand new workout for you to sink your teeth into; introducing the H.I.I.T Man Workout!

    Top 5 Tips For Faster 5km Run

    Posted on 2 comments
    improve your 5km

    We asked the community for their top tips on improving your 5km time and, as always, you guys haven't disappointed with dishing out great advice, here are the top 5 tips for improving your 5km time!

    Al Kavadlo Workouts

    Posted on
    Al Kavadlo workouts

    We love calisthenics!

    Race nutrition: post-race refuel and recovery

    Posted on
    kate percy nutrition

    Kate Percy from Go Faster Food has written up a 3 part race nutrition plan to get you preparing, performing and recovering to the best of your ability with food.

    Work Place Workouts

    Posted on 1 comment
    Sally up

    If you're sat at a desk all day, there are many benefits to taking an exercise break either as an office team or just as an individual activity.

    50 Rep Workout: Ready to sweat?

    Posted on
    Give me 50 push-ups

    Ready to give it your all with the Give Me 50 workout?

    Challenge: Run 5km in under 30 minutes

    Posted on
    parkrun Run 5 Km

    Looking to start running as part of your regular routine?

    Safety Reflective Strips: the simplest way to be seen when training at night

    Posted on
    Running Reflective Details

    Being seen when training in the dark is an essential safety precaution for all sportspeople, but it's surprising how many people don't 'don-the-fluoro' at night.

    Climbing and Bouldering Technique: All in your legs?

    Posted on

    Climbing and bouldering are sports like no other; combining physical strength, flexibility and problem solving to create a sport which requires patience, endurance and pig-headed determinedness to not give in!

    Natural Alternatives to Gels

    Posted on
    running nutrition

    Sports nutrition has become so scientifically focused that the ingredients in products such as gels read more like a chemistry textbook than an edible food item.

    Sweat testing Tribesports kit: Lakes in a Day

    Posted on
    lakes in a day

    There isn't much more gruelling sweat test as Lakes in a Day - a huge Ultra run that took place on 10th October. 50 miles, 4000m ascent - a journey on foot from the very top of the Lake District at Caldbeck to the very bottom, at Cartmel, via the stunning Helvellyn Ridge and the western shoreline of Lake Windermere.

    Community Powered Sportswear - New Season Capris and Tights

    Posted on 1 comment
    new running capris and tights

    New products in store!

    Kettle Time! Life hack some fitness into your day

    Posted on

    Raising your heart rate during your working day is a much more productive break than putting the kettle on - but the two activities don't have to be mutually exclusive!

    Improve your core strength, improve your running endurance

    Posted on 1 comment
    Core Challenge

    Core strength is often neglected when you're busy putting the miles in on the road or round a park, but for many runners, if they focused on core workouts twice a week, they'd notice an improvement in their running.

    How Wicking Works

    Posted on 1 comment

    Wicking is an essential feature of all Tribesports sportswear...

    Nutrition for runners

    Posted on

    Find out how much water you should be drinking and when you should eat carbohydrates and protein to improve performance and recovery...

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