The do's and don'ts of running at Christmas

December 15, 2017

The do's and don'ts of running at Christmas

Get your Christmas Day run out of the way
For the truly dedicated runner, Christmas Day often provides a chance to run with family, friends or neighbours, there is something particularly relaxing about the starting the day with an easy social run before heading home for a day indoors.

Whatever your reason for running on Christmas day make sure you do it early and think about inviting others to join you at a set time, this will help make it a definite date and a celebratory occasion to be followed by a glass of fizz post run!

Don’t be a snob
Your non-runner friends and family will not always be impressed that you’re running on Christmas day or in general during the festive period.

Whatever you do don’t try telling them how good it makes you feel (particularly if they are shovelling in their seventh mince pie), don’t tell them it isthe best sharpener before a big night out and whatever you do don’t try to convert them…that’s for the new year.  

Stay quiet, remain focused and try to squeeze in your training as and when you can – even if this means halving your normal distance.

The pattern of sticking to a routine will mean you still get the feel-good buzz and you’ll be unlikely to lose much fitness.

Run a Boxing Day race
Boxing Day races crop up all over the place and provide a brilliant chance to race with some festive, like-minded adventurers.

It also provides a great opportunity to burn off any excess calories consumed on Christmas day and helps you feel a little less guilty for a second round of festive indulgence!

Don’t expect any PB’s
Brace yourself for a few sub par runs. Excessive amounts of Christmas food and drink are not going to lead to you smashing out a new personal best. Just take pleasure in the joy of running and some short respite from the in-laws!

‘Run off your hangover’
Whilst it’s not possible to run off your hangover, going for a run will energise you thus combating the lethargic feeling you are experiencing. Your runner’s high will also combat the alcohol low. Just be careful not to push yourself too hard and make sure you’re hydrated before you set off.

Don’t wait until the New Year
Hit the ground running. If you keep your engine ticking over throughout the festive period you will be well primed for a great first run of 2018. Starting the New Year with a good run will set you up with the motivation and confidence needed to tackle the running goals that you have set yourself for 2018.