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Our brand new kit has arrived

  • 5 min read

Hints have been dropped. Anticipation has been building. And now, the wait is over. Our brand new kit has officially landed - and just in time for those sunshine soaked (here's hoping!) Summer runs.

Building on your feedback

Last year, we asked our Tribe what they wanted to see from our next collection. From the hero pieces you couldn’t live without to the colours on your wish list, we wanted to hear it all. After all, our goal has always been to produce high quality, sustainable running kit powered by our Tribe, for our Tribe. 

The results were overwhelming, with some clear favourites emerging from over 1,000 responses we received from our Tribe. Armed with your feedback, our product team set to work immediately to make that vision a reality. The final result? You’ll have to keep reading. 

Expanding Endure

Back in simpler pre-pandemic times of January 2020, we launched Endure  - a timeless 7 piece collection made from recycled plastics that are clogging up our oceans and landfill sites across the world. Endure was an instant hit, with several pieces selling out over the following weeks, while racking up a bunch of awards in the process. 

The success of Endure - alongside the years of meticulous research that went into making it the most technically advanced collection we had ever produced - shaped our decision to expand the range, guided by our Tribes feedback.

With short sleeved tops and racer vests in all shades of blue coming out on top in our survey, the direction we’d be taking was clear.


In with the new

Now to the good stuff. We’re excited to introduce the limited edition men’s Endure Teeand women’s Endure Pro Racer, both available in vibrant Fresh Blue.

With our new men's Endure Tee, our most popular tee of all time has got a new look - and just in time for Summer. Made from the same silky soft, ultra lightweight fabric and packed full of the same award winning technical features, the Endure Tee in Fresh Blue provides a vibrant pop of colour, for seriously Summery running vibes.

Endure tee

Our Endure Pro Racer takes inspiration from our original Endure Running Vest - and then takes it to the next level. Featuring the lightest mesh we’ve ever made and the same silky-soft fabric as our Endure Tee, it provides the perfect combination of coverage and ventilation. Designed with a popular body-skimming fit  - our Tribes most requested style - means the Endure Pro Racer is not just endlessly comfortable, but super flattering. 

Endure Pro

And of course, both tops are made from 100% recycled ECONYL® yarns. Not sure what all the fuss is about ECONYL®? We’ll let you in on our worst kept secret. 

Kit with a conscience

Sustainability is a word that gets thrown about a lot these days.But what does sustainable actually mean when it comes to fabric? Whether a fabric is sustainable isn't just about how it’s made, but how the raw materials are extracted and what happens once it reaches the end of its life. 

It’s no secret that plastic is causing major problems for our planet. It takes hundreds of years to break down, meaning that every piece of plastic ever created is still on this with us in some form. Exploring how discarded plastics can be re-used in textiles is one way to tackle this. 

ECONYL® is regenerated nylon thread, created from rescued industrial and ocean plastics. Identical to virgin nylon thread, it is infinitely recyclable and can be repurposed repeatedly without ever losing its quality. This means new products can be created without using new resources - something that our planet definitely doesn’t have infinite amounts of. 

For every 10,000 tons of raw ECONYL® material used, over 57,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided.

As well as being planet friendly, ECONYL® has renowned performance qualities, producing feather light, luxuriously soft fabrics - which makes it ideal for runners. 

For us, ECONYL® was an obvious choice. We’re proud to be one of the few brands utilising this amazing technology specifically for runners.


Thoughts from the Tribe

Now, we know we make the best running kit out there. But we also know we might be just a little bit biased. So we roped in some of our Tribe to give the Endure Tee and Endure Pro Racer a thorough test run for us, so we could share their honest thoughts with you directly. Here's what they had to say.

Endure Pro Racer - Livvy @thenutritiousrunner

'This top kept me cool, dry and was overall really comfortable – no chafe, stayed put and the softness gives it a premium feel. I don’t often wear bright colours, but this is a lovely shade of blue and makes me think of the ocean and the coast, which happens to be my favourite spot to run – so it would have been rude not to test it out there! It has also washed really nicely. I can see this being a run staple of mine this summer!'

Endure Tee - Jamie @jamieultrarunner

'The first time I pulled the tee over my head I knew it was my kind of shirt. My favourite thing about the way the tee looks is the way it ripples when you run.It gives the impression of you running fast regardless of the reality!' 
'I’m am 5ft 10 and usually wear a 36-38” t-shirt (I wear the Endure Tee in small). Its sleeves are short and fitted, it fits my chest without being tight and there is a slight gather to its hem so it sits towards the top of your shorts.'
'I have worn the Endure Tee for easy runs, workouts and commutes in rain and bright sunshine. I have not experienced any chafe from the tee. The elastane gives the tee a degree of stretch that allows it to shape-shift and conform to your body as you move. It was breathable, and even when it did get wet from a rain shower, it had time to dry out before I got home.'
'Many other running t-shirts have claimed much of what I’ve written above. However, the Endure Tee has a secret weapon, a statement that sets it so far apart from other tees - it is actually made from recycled ocean waste. I can actually feel good about owning this t-shirt and certainly intend to feel good wearing it!'
Endure Pro Racer - Mily @milydart
'I tested the vest out on a 6 mile trail run up in the Peak District followed by a couple of hours in the gym doing some strength and conditions training and circuit training. Right out of the packaging the vest was noticeably lightweight, a great bright colour without being garish - so being seen on dull days and dark evenings isn’t a problem.'

'The vest is really well designed. The rear mesh vents help keep you cool, yet still offer a comfortable fit. I got pretty warm during both sessions and the vest looked great throughout, no patches.'

'The fit is spot on, inadequate garment length is where many other vests fall down but Tribe’s Endure Pro Racer has ample length and still remains a nice close fit without being too tight or too baggy. The material feels smooth and effortlessly glides over you when moving with no hint of rubbing or chaffing whatsoever. There is absolutely no compromise on quality and performance. The top was excellent and would definitely recommend.'

Ready to get your hands on one? Both our Endure Tee and Endure Pro Racerare available to purchase now.




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