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Ariana Luterman: The split second decision that changed one race

Back in 2017, 18 year old Ariana Luterman was propelled into the spotlight after a split second decision she made while competing in the BMW Dallas Marathon. When race leader Chandler Self collapsed on the final straight, Ariana stopped to help her fellow competitor finish. Her selfless actions rapidly made news around the world. Now aged 21 and in the midst of studying at university, we caught up with her to hear the full rundown on how events unfolded on the day and the ‘completely insane’ media frenzy that followed.  Competing as part of the high school relay division, Ariana was one of 13 young women selected to run a 2 mile leg in the annual women’s marathon. Having been selected...

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Liz McColgan MBE: 300 days from new mum to world champion

World champion. Olympic silver medalist. Commonwealth champion. World record holder. With a string of formidable running achievements to her name, Liz McColgan MBE is one of the standout names woven into the rich history of British athletics. Speaking from her home in Doha, the Tribe Sports team got the inside track on her secrets to success, becoming world champion 9 months after giving birth and her thoughts on the progress women's running has made during her career spanning over 3 decades. Having started running at the age of 12, Liz joined her first running club after encouragement from her PE teacher. ‘He was the first person who really spotted something in me,’ says Liz. After being scouted by universities in...

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6 Inspirational Mums to follow on Instagram

While undoubtedly every mum (and every parent) who finds the time for a regular run is inspirational, to celebrate Mother's Day this year we wanted to hand the mic to 6 incredible mums from the Tribe community who constantly inspire us with their honest and uplifting running journeys. Here is why they run in their own words. Kelly: @she_runs_trails 'Running clears my mind and gives me the opportunity to explore and be awed. I love the colours of the changing seasons, the sounds of wildlife, different landscapes, beautiful skies! It makes me feel happy, alive, privileged.. and thankful. I'm a better human because of it!' 'My little ones love running and exercising. We spend a lot of time working out...

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Ellie Pell: How one race changed history

As she set off on the Green Lakes Endurance 50k on a bright summer's day in August 2019, Ellie Pell had no idea she was about to make history. Completing the 4-loop race in a PB of 3:58:37, she became the first woman to take the overall winner trophy in the event's history. The stunned race organisers quickly realised they had no trophy for the first place man, having assumed that the overall winner would be male. We spoke to Ellie to hear first hand about the remarkable event and how it shaped her journey as an elite ultra runner.  Having spent the summer of 2019 training to qualify for the US Olympic trials, Ellie describes feeling a sudden itch...

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Dylan Bowman: The thrill of the 100-miler

With multiple international ultras under his belt, Nevada born Dylan Bowman is a force to be reckoned with. On a cold, gloomy February evening, the Tribe Sports team were delighted to sit down and chat (virtually) with Dylan from his home in Colorado. From a nail biting sprint finish with Pau Capell to competing in the midst of a tropical storm, he shares the soaring highs and agonising lows that have shaped his unstoppable journey to the top over the last decade. A talented lacrosse player while growing up, Dylan describes his entry into running as distinctly ‘non-traditional’. ‘I was never a runner growing up,’ he says: ‘After finishing college in 2009, I found myself without a competitive goal for...

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