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Thoughts from the Tribe: Best Running Advice I've Ever Been Given

Whether you've asked for it or not, every runner will have certainly received their fair share of tips and tricks to improve their running over the years. Some advice may stick with you - and others may not - but every now and again, there’s that one perspective or one practical tip that really clicks and truly does help you elevate your running, either mentally or physically.  Recently we asked our Tribe what that one piece of advice was for them, and how it helped them hit the next level? Here are some of their replies. “You’ve got to believe to achieve” Aaron: @the_running_apprentice “My friend Matthew Walters, founder of Runspire, has this motto that underpins his coaching and it’s...

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Thoughts from the Tribe: Tackling my first 24 hour ultra

Many runners may have idly wondered what it would take to tackle an ultra. Some will have pushed themselves to discover whether they have what it takes - and very few will have taken it to the next level by running for 24 hours straight. Step forward Tribe member, Montana Hull. In January this year, Montana decided to take on her first ultra. Fast forward to 15th May and she began her 24 hour challenge, consisting of a 4 mile loop beginning and ending at her parent’s house in Snowdonia National Park. By the end of the 16th May, she had covered 78.6 miles with 4,000m of elevation, all in aid of three charities - Meningitis Research Foundation, Sun Bear...

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5 Inspirational Running Dads to follow on Instagram

Juggling life, work and training can be an ever evolving balancing act for the best of us, but adding a family into the mix really takes things to the next level. This Father’s Day, we're celebrating the dads who run by asking five of the dads in our Tribe to share their inspirational and uplifting running adventures with us. Here's what they had to say. John: @clarkeyslife ‘Running is a form of meditation. It allows me to clear my mind, reduces anxiety, gives me the sense that I am in control and helps me to sleep. When I run, it gives me time to process thoughts that often just go round and round in my head. By the time I...

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John Kelly: Tackling the world's most notorious ultra

John Kelly is in his car, waiting patiently for his COVID-19 vaccine appointment. ‘I just got the notification this morning!’ he says, the faint sense of relief palpable in his voice: ‘I bet you’ve never interviewed anyone from their car before?’ He’s correct, this is a Tribe Sports first. Unusual locations aside and despite a couple of technical issues to contend with - ‘Who said Zoom makes things easier?!’ I exclaim -  we soon settle into a relaxed, open discussion about John’s experiences at arguably one of the most notorious and gruelling ultra marathons ever created - the Barkley Marathons.  Created in 1986 by Gary ‘Lazarus Lake’ Cantrell, the Barkley Marathons take place every year across the wild Cumberland Mountains...

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Our brand new kit has arrived

Hints have been dropped. Anticipation has been building. And now, the wait is over. Our brand new kit has officially landed - and just in time for those sunshine soaked (here's hoping!) Summer runs. Building on your feedback Last year, we asked our Tribe what they wanted to see from our next collection. From the hero pieces you couldn’t live without to the colours on your wish list, we wanted to hear it all.  After all, our goal has always been to produce high quality, sustainable running kit powered by our Tribe, for our Tribe.  The results were overwhelming, with some clear favourites emerging from over 1,000 responses we received from our Tribe. Armed with your feedback, our product team...

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