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6 excuses not to run and how to overcome them

  • 2 min read

Even the most dedicated of athletes will have pulled out an excuse to avoid a run at some point. Sometimes there are valid reasons for skipping an exercise session, but most of time all you need is a little nudge out of the door.

With the warmer weather arriving, there are plenty of easy excuses all around. Here's our no-nonsense guide to powering through and heading out for a mini adventure.

I don’t have time

All you need to find is half an hour in your day. Are there any activities that you can cut out or cut down in order to make that time. Consider how much time you scroll Instagram (or read blog articles about running excuses) and use that time to actually run!

If your days are generally packed full (I'm looking at you parents) then it might be worth scheduling in the time. Make it an appointment like a work meeting and coordinate with your other half if necessary. You'll find it easier to mould your schedule around running rather than trying to squeeze it in between your other commitments.

It's too hot / too cold / too rainy

Someone once said that when it comes to running: there's no wrong weather, just the wrong kit. We would wholeheartedly agree (within reason - if there's a bad storm outside then the excuse is justified).

If it's raining, it's time to invest in a running jacket. If it's hot, think tactically about the time of day you get outside. If it's cold, it's time to master the art of layering.

I’m not in the mood

We would argue that this is actually when you need to get out for a run the most.

If it's been a bad day at work or something is playing on your mind, exercise is a excellent stress-buster. Releasing some endorphins and clearing your head will leave you feeling a thousand times better than sitting inside and stewing.

Running has becoming boring

Anything will become boring if it's too repetitive - so it's time to mix it up. Switch your training. Change your route. Try trail running. Research different training routines. Run with a friend, in person or on the phone.

Here, we’ve even prepared a handy guide to help you out.

I’m too self conscious

Don't concern yourself with worrying about what others might think of you.

The running community is generally a welcoming and supportive place. While there is a healthy dose of competiveness, runners love seeing others out there pounding the pavements.

I just can’t motivate myself to run

Set yourself a goal. Sign up to a race. Pay the entry fee. Tell your friends and family. Now there’s no backing out!

Find yourself some accountability. Run with a friend or a running group so that there are other who are relying on you to run with them. Many people find that having a tanglible purpose provides plenty of motivation.

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