6 excuses not to run and how to overcome them

August 04, 2017

6 excuses not to run and how to overcome them


When it comes to exercising there probably isn’t a person on planet earth who can claim never to have made an excuse to skip a workout. Even the most dedicated amongst us are guilty of these moments of weakness. In order to prevent you from succumbing to these weaknesses of will in the future, we have prepared a no-nonsense guide on how to blow the excuses you use for skipping a workout out of the water.

I don’t have time
All you need to find is half an hour in your day to get out for a run. Identify consumers of your time which you can cut out or cut down. For example, how much time are you spending watching tv and surfing social media? Sacrifice some of this time to exercise.

You should also delegate a certain time to running. Make it an appointment. Once you set aside a specific time to run you will find it easier to mould your schedule around running rather than trying to squeeze it in between your other commitments.

Bad weather
If it’s raining get yourself a running jacket. If it's too cold pull on some thermals making sure they’re both high breathe and sweatwicking: for example (shameless plug incoming) our very own Elite thermals (which are currently on sale).

Bad weather is - quite decidedly - a problem that can be solved by slinging cash at it. If you’re still not convinced just think about that post-run selfie you can share demonstrating your courageousness in the face of such ferocious elements.

I’m not in the mood
Bad day at work? Don’t let external factors not only take a toll on your mind but also on your physical well-being. Get out for a run, release some endorphins and clear your mind: afterwards you’ll feel a thousand times better about whatever it was that was bothering you.

Running’s becoming boring
Running isn’t boring; you're just doing it wrong. If it’s becoming repetitive then switch up your training. Change your route, try trail running, try different training routines or run with a friend. Here, we’ve even prepared a handy guide to help you out.

I’m too self conscious
You shouldn’t concern yourself with worrying about what others might think of you. Runners think it’s great seeing others out pounding the pavements with them. Take pride in the fact that you’re out there exercising and remember that everyone was a beginner at some point. Also remember that those who criticise are certainly the minority; the vast majority of people would never poke fun at someone for attempting to better themselves.

I just can’t motivate myself to run
Set yourself a goal. Sign up for a race, pay the entry fee, tell your friends and family...now there’s no backing out! If you’re new to running try setting yourself a goal of running a certain distance, perhaps within a certain time. Set yourself a realistic time limit in which you want to achieve this distance. You may find running much more enjoyable if your workouts have a definitive purpose.