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How to master the run-commute

  • 2 min read

Commuting is awful. It’s expensive, overcrowded and often unreliable. There are not many worse ways to start your day than sitting in lengthy traffic jams.

So why not free yourself from the misery.. Relinquish your reliance on frequently delayed trains or buses. Unchain yourself from the steering wheel and avoid the noxious car fumes. Arrive at your desk with a clear head and a full quota of energy.

Before you begin run commuting though, here are a few tips and considerations to take into account.


Please think about others! You might be one of the fortunate ones whose workplace is equipped with a shower. If this is the case then you should most certainly be taking advantage of it! Make sure you arrive with enough time to shower. If you don’t have a shower at work consider purchasing membership for a nearby gym to use their showers.

Alternatively you can run home instead of to work. This may be logistically preferable as it’s easier to transport your running kit to work in a backpack than it is a suit.

Plan your route

This might seem obvious but make sure you know where you’re going and where the steep hills are! You don’t want to be turning up to work a sweaty mess half an hour late. If you’re undertaking a long distance commute you don’t have to run the whole way. Take public transport part of the way and run the remainder.

Travel light

Think about what you can leave at the office - for example clothing and toiletries. Carry everything else in a running backpack and make sure that you pack it properly. The last thing you want is to turn up to work and find the contents of your lunch interspersed with your 9am presentation notes.

Get the right gear

When it comes to winter, the cold and the rain is not an excuse! Layer up with long sleeves, thermals and running jackets. If you’re going to be running in the dark make sure your gear is also reflective.

Watch out for pedestrians

Watch out for tourists and other people who - unaccountably - don’t have to go to work. As you weave in and out of picture-takers, sightseers and general dawdlers try to refrain from screaming ‘DON'T YOU PEOPLE HAVE PLACES TO BE?!’

Look at the sad commuters

Make sure you take a look at the sullen commuters standing forlornly at bus stops or sat zombie-eyed in cars, completely at the mercy of the traffic and other road users.

If you ever feel like you can’t be bothered with your run commute then a quick glance at these poor souls will provide all the motivation necessary!

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