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A runners guide to festive eating

  • 2 min read

The festive season is in full swing, complete with the temptation to indulge in every holiday treat you lay your eyes on. Keeping your training plan on track shouldn’t come at the expense of enjoying yourself. We caught up with qualified running fitness coach Fiona English for her insight into how she will be balancing indulgence with restraint whilst training for a 50-mile ultra run. 

With food sitting at the centre of celebrations for many, Fiona suggests identifying the foods you should be taking extra helpings of this festive season. “The carbohydrates in your roast potatoes provide that extra bit of energy you’ll need to get out of the door,” says Fiona, “While meat and vegetables will give you the protein and vitamins you’ll need for recovery after your run. It really pays to eat those sprouts!” 

While a few drinks are part of many peoples holiday routines, overdoing it can inhibit your recovery post-run and affect your performance the next day. Fiona suggests: “Try to drink plenty of water in between alcoholic drinks to keep yourself hydrated, or mix in a few non-alcoholic drinks - one of my favourites is Seedlip gin and tonic.” 

Ultimately, Christmas is a time to let loose and enjoy yourself. Fiona recommends planning your blowouts and allowing yourself to be flexible with your usual routine. “My friends and family dictate my training,” smiles Fiona, “If I’ve got a party coming up, I’ll just schedule an easy paced run the next day. Adapting your training and recognising that it’s okay to rearrange your workout is really important.”

On a final note, Fiona says: “For most people, running is a hobby and supposed to be fun! If you schedule your runs, don’t overindulge the night before and eat all your greens, you’ll still be on track for a PB in the new year.” 

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Tribe Sports!

Follow Fiona on Instagram @englishruns and check out her blog for race write-ups, training tips and inspiration.

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