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Behind the scenes in Namibia - Day 1

  • 2 min read

Sand dunes, canyon trails, dusty roads and extreme temperatures. A multitude of formidable elements made Namibia the ultimate destination to both test and photograph our Spring Summer 18 collection. For though arduous, the beauty with which these elements grace us is what inspires us to push our limits and discover newfound capabilities. Encapsulated within the spirit of Spring Summer 18 is this inspiration.   

The shoot begins with a 6am flight to Windhoek. Arriving at 10am we collect our vehicles, 3 Toyota Hilux pickups, revered for their indestructibility, and load up on spare tires. First on the agenda: provisions. A plentiful supply of water will be paramount. Hydration tablets, desert scarves and copious amounts of zinc sunblock also top the list.

With provisions loaded we embark upon a 6 hour drive to our first camp. We take shots on route, stopping when photo opportunities arise. An hour in and the road begins to climb. As it levels we see to the east, across valley floor, the Naukluft mountains. Their magnificence is not lost by the distance from which we view them. We stop to shoot, using the mountains majesty as a backdrop.

Passing a series of colossal boulders, in an otherwise endless expanse of dusty rock floor we stop again for photos. The boulders are intriguing, they look lonely and also somewhat misplaced. Surrounded by nothing but a desert of dust, rock and sand they jut from the ground, seemingly in defiance of the otherwise barren landscape. Their refusal to be tamed by the vast emptiness of their surroundings is mirrored by the spirit of SS18 - a persistence in the face of adversity.

Back in the pickups we suddenly find ourselves chasing the sunset. What was a previously relaxed atmosphere is now tense. There is only a small window of time in which to catch the perfect light. Driving into a canyon we lose the sunlight and can only pray it will be there when we reemerge. It is. Out of the trucks the crew must now work like a finely oiled machine. Shot, outfit change, retouch makeup, repeat. Our photographer is constantly reminding us how much time we have left to take the required shots. We lose the days light and call a wrap on day one. Reviewing the shots taken, we’re relieved to see a host of spectacular photos that capture our kit against the desert sunset.

8pm we arrive back at the lodge and break out some well deserved refreshments. On the go for near 10 hours in the desert heat, an ice cold Windhoek beer is a most welcome reward.  

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