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Behind the scenes in Namibia Day 3: The Sesriem Canyon

  • 2 min read

The final day of the shoot has arrived. After replacing any punctured tires on the trucks we leave the lodge at 7am and drive to Sesriem canyon. Carved through the rock millions of years ago by the once gushing Tsauchab river the canyon is, at some points, 30 meters deep and roughly a kilometer in length. 

Looking up from the canyon floor, the exposed rock lays testament to the power of the once mighty river and by extension the awesome strength mother nature has at her disposal. It’s a humbling experience - a reminder that we are at all times at her mercy.

It is during this moment of appreciation that we experience our deepest gratitude for what running extends to us. Such wonders can only be explored on two feet and why would one want to experience them any other way? When exploring our planet, a connection with it can only be felt with such purity when utilising the only natural mode of transportation at our disposal: our bodies themselves. Using that with which we were originally intended travel this earth, we probe forth at our own pace, unobstructed by unnatural creations - just as mother nature intended us to experience her.

Emerging from the canyon after a day shooting we are greeted by one last spectacular Namibian sunset. We trek back to where we left the trucks and break out a few celebratory drinks whilst our photographer snaps a few commemorative shots of the crew as we revel in our accomplishments. Though joyful with the success of our spring summer 18 shoot, as we reflect on our time in the desert we feel a twinge of sadness at the fact we must leave so soon.

The small pockets of the vast Namib desert we explored had exuded an infectious passion for the liberation running bestows upon us. When scrambling up sand dunes, traversing dead marshes or delving into canyons one becomes very aware of the freedom achievable using one's own two feet. Surrounded by the majesty of mother nature, you cannot help but feel most alive at the realisation that it is within our most basic capabilities to both Explore and Discover this world.

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