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Behind the scenes of the AW17 photoshoot!

  • 2 min read

Autumn Winter 17 is inspired by an aerial view of Mother Earth and the urban spirit that inhabits it. To shoot it therefore, we needed a location that showcased both the beauty of mother nature as well as the complexity and creativity of urban cityscapes.

Cape Town was the answer. It’s dramatic coastlines, urban cityscapes and mountain trails reflected everything that had inspired our latest collection.

The shoot began at sundown on the beach at Camps Bay. We had just a small window of time to take advantage of the light.

Immediately the cool sea breeze breathed life into the new collection and affirmed that the many months of hard work and planning would pay of.

Sitting on the beach, staring into the horizon after a frantic first day, it felt as if mother nature was rewarding our efforts with a spectacular sunset coating the expansive ocean. We were excited for the days ahead.

Moving into the city injected the new collection with a burst of energy. Our luxury performance fabrics feature subtle effects representative of atoms and connective tissue which infuse the collection with elements of the human spirit. We relished the opportunity to mirror this against graffiti murals offering displays of the untamed human creativity.

Exploring the industrial areas of Cape Town we strayed a little far from safety and discovered a tad more than intended...Forced to hurriedly pack everything back into the van we made a somewhat speedy getaway.

In the final chapter of the shoot we took to the trails on offer in Table Mountain National Park. We had saved the best till last - the open trails gifted us the feeling of ultimate freedom that running is all about.

Savouring one last glance over Cape Town we headed back to the hotel ready to depart home the next day. Cape Town had been the perfect destination; it had reflected every aspect of Autumn Winter 17. It’s coastlines had demonstrated the beauty of Mother Earth, it’s cityscapes the energy and creativity of human nature and its mountain trails the sense of untamed freedom running provides.

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