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Introducing our sustainable Endure range

  • 1 min read

Unrivalled performance. Exceptional comfort. Timeless design. It’s official - our new Endure range has landed (and we happen to think it's our best yet). 

Featuring a core collection of 7 thoughtfully created pieces that no runner should be without, our Endure range marks the beginning of a fresh direction for Tribe Sports. The entire range for both women and men is created using recycled plastics and ocean waste, to bring you a fully sustainable collection that performs to the highest standard while treading lightly on the planet.

Womens Endure range

Performance and quality have always been integral to every collection we have ever made. Our Tribe expects our kit to stand up to the rigours of the run, while delivering comfort and support from the first mile to the very last. We knew we had to deliver. 

Producing a small, considered collection gave us the space to really think about what it was that our Tribe loved about our kit - and then go one step further to create something even better. The result was our Endure range - each piece meticulously researched, tested and engineered to provide the pinnacle of sustainable performance apparel for our Tribe. 

Mens Endure range

And we aren't stopping there. We've fundamentally changed how we run our business and the Endure range is just the beginning of our journey. It's the benchmark we've set ourselves for the future and how we mean to go on. We're taking a stand and making our mark. For the Love of the Run, For the Good of the Planet. What are you waiting for?


Endure range

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