Layering 101: How to Build a Winter Wardrobe

January 12, 2017

Layering 101: How to Build a Winter Wardrobe

So, winter is finally on the way with a downfall of snow predicted over the next couple of days and a driving Siberian wind that will dramatically reduce the temperature.

We can’t wait…there’s nothing better than running in a world silenced by a blanket of snow…getting out there early to leave a trail of fresh tracks; the first step on an unblemished landscape.

Layering is critical in this weather if you want to stay warm – here’s our quick reference guide on how to layer and what to layer…

It’s all about the base…

Start with an engineered base layer with minimal seams to ensure maximum comfort:


Running tights are also essential to protect yourself from the cold! 


Next up add a long-sleeved light-weight base layer….

Top-off with a final thermal layer, headband, warm socks and gloves and you’re ready to hit the snow.