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London Marathon: Final words of wisdom

  • 2 min read

This coming Sunday over 35,000 runners of every shape, size and ability will hit the streets of the capital to take part in the iconic London marathon, hell, you might even be one of those runners!  

To help calm those event day nerves, we spoke to a handful of experts for some final words of wisdom before the big day….

Isaac Williams - Men’s Running Magazine

“The wall' doesn't exist! If you think you're going to hit a rough patch, you probably will, but if you maintain a positive attitude throughout – soak up the atmosphere, wave to people in the crowd, remember youchose to be here – there's no reason you can't have a trouble-free marathon.”

Jenny Bozon – Women’s Running Magazine

"Reduce your caffeine intake in the days before the race so you really feel the benefit of your morning brew on marathon day!"

Renee McGregor  -Performance and Clinical Dietitian

“Don't be fooled into thinking carb loading means eating a huge portion of pasta the night before, especially if this is not what you've been doing in training.

The most efficient carb loading actually occurs when you increase carb intake little and often over the course of 48 hours prior to the marathon. So for example if you normally have porridge for breakfast with nuts, try having this with banana and honey for additional carbs without increasing the volume of food. In the same way if you normally snack on fruit or protein based snacks through the day, try having more carb based options such as hot cross buns, malt loaf, cereal or toast.” 

Robbie Britton – GB athlete, Running coach and writer

"Have confidence in the hard work you have done and remember this is the fun part. Plan as much as you can but when it gets to that start line remember to enjoy yourself" 


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