My adventure back to running. Chapter 1.

March 15, 2017

My adventure back to running. Chapter 1.

Almost a year after baby number three I’ve managed to plod my way back to 5 miles, but not as often as I’d like.  My pace and general enthusiasm have taken a beating and where I’d once find it easy to motivate myself to run in the dark at night, right now I’m choosing a warm house (and an early night) over a night-time run.

This means my aim to run a (very) hilly half in June feels slightly daunting.  I’m taking part in the Tronium Midsummer Munro ( ) in preparation for The Mamores half in Glencoe in October ( - my first foray into hilly trail running (along with my poor husband who has cajoled into joining me on the premise of this being a shared adventure to enjoy together!)

This week it’s March, and 1st March is my personal deadline to get cracking on a ‘proper’ training programme; to run four times a week (including a weekly hill session) to make sure I’m race fit…or at least closer to race fit than I am now.

So that’s my immediate target; find or work out a plan that will fit in with the numerous time constraints I have….I think Runner’s World will be the first place to look….