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Talk of the Tribe: Beaumont Running Club

  • 3 min read

At Tribe Sports, our running community sits at the heart of everything we do. As a community of runners, we want to share the love of the run with our Tribe in every way possible. Through our new Talk of the Tribe series, we'll be shining the spotlight on running superstars from across the UK. Each month we'll feature a different local running club who will share their favourite routes, plus their tips for making your run a success.

Taking the crown as our inaugural featured club is Beaumont Running Club, a group of around 80 members based in the west of Leicester. Describing themselves as friendly, social and lovers of cake, the club meets several times a week for various training sessions, topped off with a relaxed social run on the weekends. It’s this weekend run which shapes the route they’ve chosen to share with the Tribe, around the picturesque Bowline route just north of the city centre. 

Bowline route at sunset

Club secretary Mehul tells us: “We have a club tradition to run the Bowline route during the winter months and it’s one of our favourite runs. Starting at the  Newtown Linford car park in Bradgate Park, the route takes us into the Leicestershire countryside with highlights including Old John Tower and Beacon Hill - they offer some of the best views in the whole of Leicester! There’s plenty of variety along the run, with challenging uphill sections as well as fun descents and flatter tracks through beautiful meadows and fields.”

He continues: “The exact route varies, but we tend to run somewhere between 10-14 miles. The run itself is quite casual - we just enjoy being out in the open air and taking in the surrounding countryside.” And what about the all-important cake? “Oh yes, there’s always the opportunity for some well-deserved cake afterwards!” he laughs. 

Old John Tower

With winter now well and truly upon us, there are some kit essentials which the club swear by for tackling this particular route. “Good quality base layers are important for helping to keep the wind chill at bay,” says Mehul. “The route can become quite muddy in winter, so having kit that can dry quickly after a wash is really helpful. Finally, gloves and hats are a must. Generally, your body temperature will rise to keep you sufficiently warm while running, but our extremities often bear the brunt of the cold, so keeping them warm is essential - even if you’re usually comfortable running in just a t-shirt and shorts.’’

 Bradgate park

The club is certainly spoilt for choice, with Leicester being well known for its stunning countryside and wealth of scenic routes throughout the city. “Bradgate Park, Swithland Woods and Beacon Hill are favourites for many,” says Mehul, “The River Soar runs right through the city centre, so there are lots of opportunities for a run along a peaceful towpath that stretches for miles past various parks and meadows - we’re very lucky.” 

Bowline route run

On a final note, what exactly is it that makes for a successful run for the members of Beaumont RC? “I would say it’s variety - new routes and workouts help keep runs interesting and exciting,” says club chair Kevin, while Ian quips: “And not being afraid to make it up as you go along!”. Making sure you warm up properly, running as a group and adapting your run to what your body needs are all thrown into the mix, but the final word on the matter comes from membership secretary Beth, who sums it up perfectly with: “Just doing the run makes it a success.” 

Why not give their route a go for yourself? If you’re on the lookout for a running club in the Leicester area, you can find out more about Beaumont RC on their website or Facebook and Instagram

Does your club have a favourite route they'd like to share with the rest of the Tribe? If you want to get involved, please get in touch at for your chance to be featured next. 

Beaumont RC runners

Photo credit: Mehul Vaitha

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