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Twisting - are you wasting energy?

  • 1 min read



All the multi sport events have one common theme. They all involve running, a movement we all accept as a normal, easy thing to do. Do not however be fooled. Running is a highly skilled, technical movement pattern - and all skills need to be learnt and trained.

Moving efficiently will improve performance thus bettering your event times. Understanding the basics is simple, as is changing your training to develop the correct movement patterns conducive of increasing efficiency.

Simply twisting while you run is an energy leak. If you twist when you run then making simple changes and understanding the problems they cause can lead to an improvement in your times. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or aiming for a new PB there is always room for technical improvement. Why do all runners have coaches?

Build A Better You. Understand the ability you have and unlock that potential.


Body Logic Health are the movement & performance specialists. They have put together a team of experts who can remove your pain efficiently and develop your movement patterns to help create movement health. They offer performance and lifestyle programmes to help you reach your goals.


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