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Urban Running Tips

  • 2 min read

Here at Tribe Sports our ethos is to Explore and Discover and on our most recent running adventure we traded the surrey hills for Cape Town, putting our mantra into practice in the city.

We wanted to prove that ‘Explore and Discover’ was not limited to trails found off-the-beaten-track. Here are our tips to #ExploreDiscover wherever you are.

Think less

Turning your run into an adventure can be as simple as just thinking a little less about where you’re going. If you would normally turn left, turn right and vice versa. If you’re worried about getting lost then take your phone as a safeguard. Do take caution however to ensure that you don’t find yourself running into any poorly lit, potentially dangerous areas.

When investigating new areas you’ll be surprised at the number of places there are right on your doorstep that you’ve never explored. Who knows you may discover remote areas of outstanding natural beauty or part of town you’ve never really set foot in before, rich in niche coffee shops, bars or restaurants.

One of the fantastic things about running in the city is that you can turn it into a social event. A popular activity amongst city based running clubs is to crab coffee or drinks after a run; running and beer - truly the best of both worlds!

Think more

You might be closer to your nearest green space than you realise. For variety in scenery and surface underfoot, try mapping out a route that incorporates both trails and city streets. There are a number of apps such as ‘MapMyRun (link)’ and ‘RunKeeper (link)’ that not only allow you to map out your run but also feature suggestions on routes to take.

You can also create your own trails on the city streets using obstacles that force you to change your stride and pace. Stairways are a brilliant feature to incorporate into your route for an added workout.

Check out this route created by Hayden Sherman, author of the book ‘Runner’s Guide to London’. It takes you through Regent's Park and right through the heart of London, providing runners with diversity in surface and surroundings. 

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