April 03, 2016 2 min read

Here at Tribesports HQ we have a tradition which goes back to the very beginning of the company; at 11am and 4pm we down tools (well, we stand up from our desks) and choose a Challenge to complete.

If you're sat at a desk all day, there are many benefits to taking an exercise break either as an office team or just as an individual activity. Raising your heart rate during your working day is a much more productive break than putting the kettle on - but the two activities don't have to be mutually exclusive! Here are 5 Challenges to complete in your office - could you get your boss or employees to join you in some work place activity?

  1. Kettle Time ChallengeKettle Time - whatever your hot beverage of choice, the Kettle Time Challenge is a quick burst of exercise in an everyday task.

    Pick your exercise and perform it until the kettle is boiled, every time it's boiling for a week.

    So what will it be? Crunches for your capuccino or lunges for your latte?

  2. Hold the plank pose for 2 minutes - don't use your suit as an excuse, you won't get very sweaty with an isometric hold! 
    Plank pose
  3. Superman pose - if you're sat at a computer all day, your posture can become hunched forwards, the superman pose is a great way to reset your posture during the day and stretch out.

  4. Wall Squat while you work - well whistling is just a bit annoying, eh? Performing a 2 minute wall squat during your working day will engage those muscles which spend most the day inactive in your chair. Not a sweaty activity but does require a bit of Mind-Over-Matter!

  5. Bring Sally Up - this is a great one if your team are game for group exercise, it's a firm favorite in the Tribesports office as you can change up the exercise every time you do it! If you haven't heard of this Challenge before, it uses the Moby song Flower as a simple instruction - when Moby says "Bring Sally Up" you do the upward movement of an exercise, when he says "Bring Sally Down", perform the downward movement - simple!


Not only does exercising at work give you a healthy break, it can also work as a great tool to interact with colleagues who you may not deal with directly in your day-to-day tasks. Creating a more social atmosphere will help make your workplace a happier place to work.

There are many great companies out there who actively encourage employees to get a little exercise in their day, if your company doesn't have this policy, take it into your own hands to take mini exercise breaks during your day. Refresh your brain with a workplace workout!

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December 16, 2015

Great tips. In my book, Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!, I mention how people need to take advantage of their office environment. These make awesome additions!


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