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50 Rep Workout: Ready to sweat?

  • 1 min read

Ready to give it your all with the Give Me 50 workout?

This is a tough, quick and intense workout which will work your entire body, combining the resistance and power body weight moves like push-ups and squats with the cardio, heart-rate raising exercises of jumping jacks and mountain climbers. Finish that off with a nice neat 50 crunches and you've got yourself a workout!

Tips to complete the workout:

  1. Prioritise good form over speed - some of these exercises are really tough at 50 reps, if you need to break the full 50 down into sets of 25 or 10 to keep good form, then that's fine.
  2. Keep a tight core - squats, mountain climbers and jumping jacks may not look like core work, but keeping a tight core for these exercises, and particularly the push-ups, will make the work load more evenly spread across your body. 
  3. Power in your breath - your breath can improve your performance, exhaling as your muscles contracts (e.g. the 'up' on the push-up) can make the rep easier and your work more efficient - paying attention to the power of your breath is a cornerstone of yoga, but many sportspeople would benefit if they took a leaf out of a yogi's book!

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