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Al Kavadlo Workouts

  • 2 min read

Take a look at the Advanced calisthenics workout: Musle-ups, hanging leg raises, pistol squats and handstand push-ups... not your average Joe workout, right?

That's where the Intermediate and Beginner workouts come into play - using the progressive steps towards these advanced body weight movements, you can build strength to work towards the advanced movements.

Progressive exercises for the advanced class

Muscle-ups - to work towards your first muscle-up, you need to be confident with the explosive movement on a bar, recommended progression steps include:

  • Pull-ups - which, in themselves, can be broken down into negatives, inverted rows and assisted
  • Tricep dips - which have the building blocks of bench dips, parallel bar dips, ring dips as well as weighted variations

Intermediate calisthenics

Hanging Leg Raises - a real test of your core stability and strength, leg raises are no walk in the park! In order to achieve good form for this advanced exercise, work your way up with these progression steps:

  • Leg raises - starting out an advanced hanging movement will require ground work (literally), and the core control required for hanging leg raises should be reflected in your ground work
  • Hanging knee raises - as with any resistanc move, you will improve your strength best by performing quality movements rather than sloppy high resistance attempts you're not ready for. Hanging knee raises will target your lower abs, building your strength until you're ready to progress
  • L-sits - possibly the world's most evil static hold! Worth working on if you're looking to improve that core control.

Pistol squats - Tribesports has a bit of a reputation for how much we love squats - in fact there are over 45 different variations to track (see how many you've ticked off your squat list here) but pistol squats can be considered the toughest body weight variation out there. That's why Al's calisthenics workouts use assisted pistol squats and lunges to build up the muscle memory for this peculiar little exercise!

Handstand push-ups - these are rapidly becoming the coolest variation of push-up out there; if you want to master it then progression is key:

  • Push-ups - Pike push-ups, decline push-ups and, of course, ol' reliable push-ups
  • Handstand - Headstands are a good foundation to inverted core strength, also, using the wall to assist in your handstands is a vital progression step. We recommend using cushioned areas when training up to handstand push-ups!


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