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Safety Reflective Strips: the simplest way to be seen when training at night

  • 2 min read

Being seen when training in the dark is an essential safety precaution for all sportspeople, but it's surprising how many people don't 'don-the-fluoro' at night.


Taking the plunge and going all-out on your visibility at night can be a deterrant to training in the dark - fluorescent jackets can be costly or cheaper vest alternatives may be uncomfortable to train in. Cycling and road running in particular come with added risks when training at night, but with dark evenings to contend with, training in the dark really can be unavoidable if you have some early events to train for.

There seemed to be a very clear divide between trail runners and regular road runners when it comes to what safety equipment is essential on a night run. Roads which are lit with street lights make headtorch pretty unnecessary, but there are other ways to be noticed by cars and other vehicles when you're training at night, without costing a fortune or making you look like a highway maintenance man.

Safety Reflective Strips Capris

360 reflectivity with a matt finish - you have the reflective features of a fluoroescent jacket when you need it most! In regular daylight, the color-matched reflective strips will look like a plain block color. Flash a light on them at night, however, and these discrete little Tribe marks will immeditately flash as brightly as traditional reflective strips.

The Tribesports Performance Rangeuses 360 degree reflectivity branding and added strips in all of the outer wear - keeping you safe in the knowledge that you'll always have reflective safety wear on, even when you weren't planning on staying out until dark!

Running at night tips TribesportsRunning in the dark - simple tips to keep yourself safe

  • Always run facing traffic if you're running along the road - it gives both you and the driver more time to see each other. If there is a side walk then run on the side walk rather than in the road.

  • Wear training clothes which will reflect light back at the driver - choose lighter clothing with reflectivity built in.

  • Tell someone that you're heading out on a run and give them an estimated time that you should be back.

  • Better still, if you have a running partner or are part of a running group, go with them when the sun is down!

  • Take a form of I.D. and contact number with you, especially if you do not run with a phone.

  • Plan your route and aim for roads and trails which are well lit and have slower speed limits.

  • Listening to music is every runner's own personal preference, but if you're running along the road, make sure you have the music low enough to hear traffic noise too.
What's your best tip for running in the dark? Share it in the comments below!

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