Improve your core strength, improve your running endurance

October 05, 2015

Core strength is often neglected when you're busy putting the miles in on the road or around a park, but for many runners, if they focused on core workouts twice a week, they'd notice an improvement in their running.

This is an old Tribesports favourite: the core challenge. You may be thinking that these exercises are more "vanity exercises" - the kind of thing that cheap fitness magazines will tell you will give you a 6-pack in 2 weeks (they won't) BUT they are in fact really great for strengthening your core. 

Core Strength Workout

Why would a strong core help improve your running?

  • Efficiency - if you have core endurance, your running will be more efficient. Those with poor core strength will tire quicker and running form will suffer. The whole thing begins to snow ball then - as your form gets sloppier, you'll waste more energy and before you know it you've run straight into The Wall!

  • Will-power - planking and static holds are very much a mind-over-matter kind of thing, so is endurance running. Learning the difference between tired and exhausted can be applied to both core work and running!

  • Posture - having a strong core will also improve your posture - exercises such as the bridge help to even out abs based exercises by strengthening the back. Good posture makes for good running form.

  • Balance - especially beneficial if you're a trail runner, much of your balance is controlled through your core strength.

  • Cross training - you can't run every day (well, you can if you really want to) so having some simple workouts to do on your less heavy training days is a great way to cross train.

Why not challenge your family, friends or work colleagues to give it a go with you!? 

Let us know how you get on...enjoy!