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The Best Fitness Apps You Can Use in Your Own Home

  • 4 min read

Finding time to workout can often be challenging. You may often find yourself being thwarted by a whole host of obstacles such as social engagements, having to work late, kids - you just can't be bothered to drag yourself to the gym…

But don’t worry, you need fret no more. We’ve tried out a number of apps that you can use to improve your fitness all from within your own living room or back garden! Here are the ones that made the cut…

Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout


There’s nothing new about the 7 minute workout: its persistent popularity is a testament to its effectiveness. The 7 minute workout is a form ofhigh intensity interval training which studies suggest can provide the same benefits achieved from prolonged endurance training in a much shorter time.

The Johnson & Johnson app features 19 different workouts, ranging through easy, moderate and hard difficulty. The workouts are comprised of varying combinations of 36 different exercises. You can also create your own workouts to suit your fitness goals.

Why we like this app

  • Video tutorials detailing how to do every workout.
  • Smart workout tailors your workout depending on your current fitness level and goals.
  • The only piece of equipment you need is a chair!  

Available oniOS andAndroid.

Fitness Blender

If you're just getting into fitness then it’s definitely worth giving Fitness Blender a go. The app offers three workout categories: HIIT/Cardio, Strength, and Pilates/Yoga within which are a healthy number of different workouts. What makes this app so great for beginners are the videos which guide you through the workouts. The app's creators, Kelli and Daniel, take you through each workout making it feel like there’s actually an instructor in the room with you. If you can’t make it to the gym for a class this is, perhaps, the next best thing.

The app also features a chat feature through which you can connect with the app’s vast, super-positive community. Users are constantly posting their progress and results which is great for a bit of added motivation!

Why we like this app

  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Huge, super-motivating community.
  • Regularly updated with new workouts.

Available oniOS andAndroid.


Two stumbling blocks many people face when attempting to commit to a regular exercise routine are time constraints and the monotony of doing the same exercise over and over again. Sworkit is designed to mould around your schedule and its vast array of workouts and  customisability guarantees that your workouts stay fresh and exciting.

4 different categories - strength, cardio, yoga and stretching - offer workouts which cover all body parts. When you get bored, or if you don’t feel that they’re right for you, you can create your own from over 200 exercises. During your workouts a video for each exercise demonstrates proper technique.

Why we like this app

  • Workouts tailored to the amount of time you have to workout. Great for a 5 minute spurt in the office or up to an hour at home.
  • A vast array of exercises and workouts.
  • The ability to create your own workouts.

Available oniOS andAndroid.

Pocket Yoga

Some of the key benefits of yoga are its ability to improve your strength, flexibility and posture. However, just as important are the potential benefits it has for your mental health. Yoga can be extremely helpful in allowing you to become at peace with yourself. It focuses the mind and spirit through reflection and meditation which can be very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety.

Pocket Yoga features 5 different workouts within which you can choose the difficulty, duration and environment. Each of the 5 workouts has a different purpose and intensity. You are guided through each workout with detailed auditory and visual instructions. If you want to practice specific poses you can choose from a library of over 200, each illustrated with correct posture and alignment.

Why we like this app

  • Audio instructions makes it feel like an instructor is in the room.
  • A plethora of poses, each one illustrated with correct technique and its purpose and benefits explained.
  • A great way to add a little zen to your daily routine.

Available oniOS andAndroid.

Daily Butt Workout

Designed to strengthen and tone your butt and legs this app may primarily appeal to women questing after the famed Kardashian or Nicki Minaj butt. However, men should also ensure that they’re not neglecting their glutes. Aside from the importance of strong glutes when running, men should be careful not to underestimate how attractive many women find a well toned posterior!

The free version features two different workouts which can be performed in 5, 8 or 10 minute durations. Instructional videos demonstrate how to do each exercise and on-screen instructions and a timer guide you through the workout. Whilst the app appears very basic it is not lacking. It provides comprehensive, easy to follow leg and glute workouts with the ability to purchase more and create your own if so desired.

Why we like this app

  • Clear instructional videos for each exercise
  • Large variety of exercises
  • Simple to use and non-complex

Available oniOS andAndroid.

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