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Baby it’s still cold outside…

  • 2 min read

The scenery can be incredibly inspiring at this time of year, even if the climate seems against you.

Many of us need an extra 10 minutes warm up when it’s very cold, especially if we’re planning an intense hill or interval session.

It’s also essential to get showered and warm as soon as you can post run, saving your post-run stretch until after your workout will help ensure you don’t catch a chill as you cool down.

We’ve spoken to some of our Tribe to compile four top tips for training in colder climes…

Robbie Britton – Ultra runner, coach and journalist (

"Winter is a great time to build strength and speed with some cross country racing, so join up with your local club and get muddy"

Laura Fountain, blogger, running coach, runner (

“Put your kit on the radiator for a few mins so it's nice and warm when you put it on before a cold run”

Kirsty Reade –Runner, publisher, writer, editor of Run247 (

“Make a date to run with friends. You’re far more likely to get out of the door in very unappealing weather if you’ve made a commitment to run with others! “

Jenny Bozon - writer for Women's Running ( 

"Join a club. Club sessions are a great winter training environment. Doing different sessions with others on a floodlit track or on a safe road route not only ensures safety but will help to add some structure to your training too. You'll learn lots from the coaches and other runners at the club and they will help to keep you motivated on those evenings you really don't fancy going out for a run."

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