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Behind the scenes: Our new collection

When we first sat down to discuss our next shoot on a bright, crisp October morning, one thing was clear. This shoot had to be in the UK. We have an abundance of stunning countryside right on our doorstep - why wouldn’t we use that to our advantage? Despite the UK weather being notoriously fickle, it was a risk we were willing to take. 

As we threw ideas around, there was one location that kept drawing us back. Cornwall. With its impressive, rugged coastline, misty green waves and spotless beaches, it was the perfect place to showcase not only our new collection, but the new Tribe Sports. We were immediately sold. 


Fast forward to the end of November and we’d reached the town of Polzeath, situated on the northern Cornish coast. As the sea air whipped across our faces, we looked out across the ocean that would have a key part to play in the future of Tribe Sports. The bright, crisp backdrop of our first meeting had faded into the grey, moody beginnings of British winter - but we had optimism (and several weather apps to obsessively check). 

Shoot day began at 6am, with a cold but dry day greeting us. Following a whirlwind of makeup brushes, coffee and misplaced shoes, our roaming team of 9 bundled into two cars for the 30 minute drive to our first location - Trebarwith Strand. 

 Behind the scenes

With its imposing black rocks and sheltered cove, Trebarwith Strand was ideal for our first shots of the day. Taking care on the (sometimes slippery) rocks, we watched as the tide slowly edged out to reveal a glorious stretch of sand in front of us. A few piggyback rides were required as streams of freezing water cut the beach in half, but as we watched Zoe and Ben run along the beach, it was clear it was worth every effort.

After a round of pizzas from the local cafe, we set off towards our final location of the day - the Rumps. Featuring endless rolling hills with steep drops down into the churning sea, the scenery was truly breathtaking. As we marched dutifully along the cliff edges - taking care to avoid the rabbit holes - the sun decided to make its first appearance of the day, sparkling off the ocean like shattered glass. 

Cornwall beach

As our photographer snapped the final shot of the day, the sun started to dip just below the headlands. We were tired, cold - but elated. The weather had played ball, we’d got some great shots and there was still time for a comforting, warm drink back in Polzeath. 

Stay tuned to see the full results of our shoot, coming soon.


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Jon M

Jon M

February 01, 2020

Love this – can’t wait to see the new collection!

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