January 10, 2020 2 min read

Plogging NOUN 
A recreational activity, originating in Sweden, that combines jogging with picking up litter
Collins English Dictionary

It’s no secret that we have a major problem with rubbish. From discarded plastic bags to abandoned fishing nets, the amount of waste we are producing globally has rapidly reached a crisis point. In the UK alone, over 7.5 billion plastic bottles are used every year* - most of which are destined for landfill.  

Plastic waste

Small start, big impact

Back in 2016, a group of Stockholm-based runners decided to take action by collecting rubbish as they ran along their usual route - and so ‘plogging’ was born, combining jogging with the Swedish word ‘Plocka’ (to pick). Fuelled by social media, it quickly gained momentum, with plogging groups popping up from India to the USA. 

Armed with enthusiasm and a rubbish bag, ploggers stay fit while cleaning up the environment they love. Some ploggers incorporate lunges or squats for an added challenge, but simply stretching and bending to collect rubbish provides a workout boost. 

Clean running tracks

Last summer, we spoke to our Tribe about what mattered to them. The response from our community was clear - more than anything, they care about running in a clean, safe environment. It was these initial conversations which led us to discover plogging and the benefits it was having globally. In response, we decided to host our own plogging events to support clean running tracks for our Tribe. 


Partnering with Plogolution

To get started, we needed some input from the experts. Set up in London 18 months ago by Dermont Kavanagh and Michelle Parkes, volunteer-led Plogolution has rapidly grown to host regular plogging events across the UK.

Dermot told us: "The aim of setting up Plogolution was to bring communities together to make a huge difference to where they live." Michelle added: "Plogging is a great way to not only get fit but make a very visible impact to local areas. We believe that plogging helps to educate not only the ploggers, but the wider population on the environmental impact that littering has.”

How can I get involved?

In partnership with Plogolution, we’re proud to be hosting The Tribe Sports Plogathon. Our next event is taking place on Sunday 29th March at 10.30am in Putney, London. Everyone is welcome to take part in either our 5k or 2k route.  



Michelle adds: “Once you start spotting litter on your runs picking it up can become quite addictive, so grab yourself a bag and a pair of gloves when you next head out for that training run!"

To find out more about our upcoming plogs or to suggest a plogging location, sign up at the bottom of the page to join the Tribe. #TreadLightly

*Source: Water.org.uk

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David Reid
David Reid

January 14, 2020

Great initiative; would sure get rid of a lot of eye sores and safer for animals ie picking up glass before it gets broken into shards !

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