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Top tips for first-time runners

Whether an ultra-marathon fanatic, or slow and steady parkrunner, one thing is guaranteed - everyone was at some point a first time runner. So, we asked our global community of runners for their top tips and advice for first-time runners - the advice they wish they'd been told, and pulled together our favourites below. A big thank you to everyone that contributed. The overriding message - your nerves, the apprehension, the 'what if I have to walk' - all totally normal - BUT IGNORE IT! Give it a go and you may well surprise yourself! And most importantly it does not matter what pace you run, or walk - it most definitely is the taking part that counts. It doesn't matter why...

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Acupuncture for sports

Acupuncture is increasingly recognised as an effective treatment for sports injuries but also in helping optimise performance. A quick google search will show you how professional athletes have taken to acupuncture in droves - basketball, golf players, professional footballers, swimmers, most of them have an acupuncture story to tell. Even the 2013 Wimbledon winner Andy Murray has someone on his team nicknamed ‘needles’ - he is a well known fan of using Acupuncture to keep him in form and away from injury.  But what is it all about?   The use of acupuncture in treating sports injuries is not new. It’s very well established as a routine treatment in US, Australia and Canada particularly amongst elite athletes. In the UK...

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The best running tips

Running can be done anywhere, at anytime, and it’s free! Here are a few tips to make your running easier: 1. Start slow Then pick up the pace as you get warmer. For most runners, a slow paced first mile is regarded as enough to prepare the body for the exertion it is about to undergo. 2. Shorter strides Practice running at a higher cadence, or more strides per minute, without changing your pace. This will help you run more efficiently and make your runs feel easier. These quicker, shorter strides will force you to use a whole new set of muscles, so it’s to be expected that you’ll feel less efficient until your body and muscles adjust. But it’ll...

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Sweat testing Tribesports kit: Lakes in a Day

We love seeing pictures of you putting our kit through a sweat test. Thanks to Eliot Challifour for this picture of himself ahead of the start line of Lakes in a Day.     There isn't much more gruelling sweat test as Lakes in a Day - a huge Ultra run that took place on 10th October. 50 miles, 4000m ascent - a journey on foot from the very top of the Lake District at Caldbeck to the very bottom, at Cartmel, via the stunning Helvellyn Ridge and the western shoreline of Lake Windermere. Eliot finished 11th out of a field of 300, in a time of 11h46mins. Eliot trusted in our red long sleeve running top and shorts and was...

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